Cancer Pain

Cancer Pain

Cancer Pain services offered in San Antonio, TX

Cancer or its treatments may cause pain, affecting your quality of life. Advanced Spine and Pain Center, with three offices in San Antonio, Texas, provides comprehensive pain management for cancer pain. No matter the cause or severity of your cancer pain, the board-certified physicians can create a plan that helps you get relief. Call the office most convenient to you, or schedule your cancer pain consultation online today.

Cancer Pain Q & A

What is cancer pain?

Cancer pain refers to any discomfort you feel when you have cancer. The discomfort may range from mild to severe and may occur from the cancer itself or the treatments.

Not everyone with cancer has pain, but controlling the discomfort is an important part of cancer treatment. Having pain with cancer may worsen treatment side effects or lead to other health conditions like depression and anxiety. 

What are some types of cancer pain?

Cancer pain affects everyone differently. The type of pain you have may depend on the location of your cancer and if it affects other body parts. You can also have pain that seems completely unrelated to your cancer.

Types of cancer pain include:

Bone pain

Your cancer may cause bone pain if it starts in or spreads to your bone. Bone pain causes aching or throbbing sensations. 

People with multiple myeloma may develop bone pain from vertebral compression fractures. 

Nerve pain

Nerve pain may occur if your cancer irritates or compresses a nerve or cancer treatments damage a nerve. This type of pain may cause burning, shooting, or tingling sensations. 

Soft tissue pain

If cancer affects your muscles, tendons, or internal organs, you may develop soft tissue pain. This type of pain may ache or throb.

Phantom pain

Phantom pain occurs when you feel pain in a part of your body that’s been surgically removed, such as breast pain following a mastectomy.

Referred pain

Cancer or its treatments may compress or irritate a nerve that causes pain in a different part of the body. This type of pain is called referred pain.


Advanced Spine and Pain Center also treats cancer pain that continues after treatment.

When should I see a pain management specialist for cancer pain?

You should see the pain management specialists at Advanced Spine and Pain Center for your cancer pain if it’s affecting your quality of life. The board-certified physicians offer the latest in pain management treatment options to get you the best relief possible. 

What treatments can improve cancer pain?

Treatment for cancer pain depends on the type and cause of your discomfort. Advanced Spine and Pain Center offers many options, including:


  • Pain medication
  • Pain pumps
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation
  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Nerve blocks
  • Kyphoplasty for vertebral compression fractures
  • Radiofrequency ablation

Advanced Spine and Pain Center provides on-site pain management with advanced procedures. 

For expert cancer pain care, call Advanced Spine and Pain Center or schedule an appointment online today.